Buffet Restaurants in Chicago Pl, Huntington, New York

All-you-can-eat buffet restaurants in Chicago Pl, Huntington, New York are the perfect choice for hearty eaters and people who like to try different dishes (or people who just feel exceptionally hungry from time to time). They are also attractive to people who don’t like their meals too formal. Another advantage is that food is always ready, so one doesn’t have to wait and can see how dishes look like before making a decision. That is why these restaurants in Chicago Pl, Huntington are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner.

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The idea of large numbers of people taking food from a common table was known to Ancient and Medieval civilizations. The modern buffet first appeared in France in the 17th century and was later popularized in Europe by Napoleon Bonaparte, who preferred less formal receptions. The concept of the buffet came to the U.S. with British settlers and the first American all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant was opened in Minneapolis in the 1930s.

Nowadays, all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants in Chicago Pl, Huntington, New York are very popular in the U.S. You can chose among various cuisines including Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, and many more. At first, all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants offered cheap food for little money. Now you can also find upscale buffets near Chicago Pl, Huntington. It is a good idea to visit such restaurant if you are not familiar with a particular cuisine and would like to give it a try, as you can sample a wide variety of dishes. If you pick something that turns out not to be appealing to you, you can always change to something different.


If you have a good appetite, you can choose a good spread of meal which is inclusive of the starters, main course and dessert. Buffet in Chicago Pl, Huntington is a comprehensive food package offered to food lovers with a good appetite. You have a wide choice of both veg as well as non veg spreads to appease your taste buds. Be it a birthday party, wedding anniversary, corporate get together or a good spread of meal with friends and family, buffet would be ideal for you.

Huntington hasHub of restaurants which are popular for their buffet. You can start off with mouth watering soups, and other starters. You have a wide choice of soups as well as starters to choose from. This type of meal was said to have originated in Sweden during the 16th century. In the past, it was not part of the main course, instead it was looked upon as a pre dinner gathering.

Usually, it was a gathering for drinks just before they started off with dinner. Today, it has become part of the main course itself. Thanks to Herb Macdonald from Minneapolis who brought in this concept for the main course, which would have a huge spread of starters and main course to choose from. It very soon gained popularity among food lovers and is a big hit now.

Angeethi of Church Street, The village of Indiranagar, Aromas of China, Isys of Jayanagar, The Princess, Gazebo and much more are the favourite hang outs of foodies. If you are looking out for the right place to hang out afterward your links or have a memorable week end lunch or dinner following your loved ones in Chicago Pl, Huntington, New York, choose this option. You can locate restaurants ranging from three star to five star rating. Online option, allows you to view the contents of the buffet and its price. Based upon your budget and proximity, you can pick the one which is closest to you.

Restaurants listed online in Chicago Pl, Huntington, New York gives you the option to book your tables in order to avoid any kind of convenience later. Book your table right away and jam up with your family, friends or have a sensuous candle light dinner with your loved ones.


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