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Eating out is fun. Not only do you get to have a great social experience by dining outside the house, you also get to try new food. In E 18, Huntington, there are many eateries to choose from, from cafes and bistros to pizza parlors and French bakeries. Perhaps the most fun you’ll have is dining at Huntington restaurants with a view.

Finding restaurants in E 18, Huntington is quite a chore, as there are more than 15,000 restaurants located in every single nook and cranny of the entire city. From Chinese, Japanese and Mexican food to Italian and Korean food and many others. There are plenty of choice for the food lover to test his or her palette on.

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Finding restaurants in Huntington, New York is made even harder with the fact that some of the best known restaurants are hidden in the most obscure places. Picture eating some of the best Chinese food you’ve ever tasted in a little shack under a tree at the side of the hill.

If you think this is somewhat of an exaggeration or if I’m leading you on, you’ve only got to come to E 18 and try these best restaurants I am talking about and you’ll find that they are located high, low, left, right and in any which direction you can think of 🙂

In Huntington, you will find a high concentration of food stalls (know as hawker stalls) located in the same place, usually within a medium sized food court where you’ll be able to sample a large range of local fare, from soup dishes, rice dishes, desserts and much more. The price and convenience of these hawker centres really can’t be overlooked when out looking for a late night place to eat.

Another added benefit is that some of these restaurants are open extremely long hours, with some opening till the wee hours or the morning, or even 24 hours!

Americans love to eat out, it’s part of our lifestyle and is always in our mind or in parts of our conversation, we really have ‘food for thought’ and we always will.

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