Quick Tips: Finding the Best Restaurant in California and New York


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How many instances have you found got yourself searching clueless for a place where you can catch a quick late brunch and get on with roaming about the city? Finding a decent place to eat when you are on vacation can be a task unto itself.

Every place has its local joints which are only known to those who have been in the area long enough. Therefore, as a tourist, you should not expect to know these details. However, if you want to experience these places, nonetheless the best thing to do is to go online and get for the great local cuisine of the place and where to find it.

Although this may be a difficult proposition if you can befriend a local for a day, then you might get to experience the place the best way that you could ever imagine.

While searching for restaurants in a new place you must have certain parameters in mind by which you will stick while finding a place to eat:


The last thing you want is to fall sick while you are on holiday. Therefore, if you come across a restaurant that may serve food that is tasty but looks like it is in dire need of pest control or a cleaning crew then it is best to avoid it. You are not immune to the local climate. However, as tourists, then you are likely to be more susceptible to diseases than the locals if you choose to eat at such a place.



If the restaurant seems to be overflowing with diners whenever you pass by then, it is most probably a great place to catch your meals at. One of the surest ways to spot good local restaurants during vacations is to check out the customer base.

Customer Service

If the manager comes out with a smile as you peek in unsurely and offers to get you a table, it may be a good place to eat. How they treat their customers goes a long way into answering the question of how good they are as a restaurant.


A lot of roadside restaurants have the popular dishes from their menu put up outside for passer-by to read. A lot of customers are attracted this way if the items on the menu look appetizing. If you come across a sign board with the daily menu of the restaurant written in chalk on it that you think might taste good, why not try it?

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How the restaurant serves its food, how clean the tables, plates, and floor are and how the place is set up inside makes a huge difference to one’s appetite. If you are searching for authentic cuisine at a place you are vacationing at, try to pick the vibe of the place to see if it feels local or not.

Finally, make sure that the restaurant you choose is located in an area that meets your needs. If you want to tour away from your home town, you will want to make sure that whatever your mode of transportation, you will be able to get to the best restaurant.